The Schryver Waterfalls Page

We have always been intrigued by waterfalls.  It seems that even small waterfalls are beautiful and the larger ones are nothing short of spectacular.  In addition, the waterfall is one of Mother Nature's ways of cleaning and aerating our water supply.

We have viewed many but, unfortunately, didn't always take pictures.  We have not yet located pictures we took of several waterfalls in the Rocky Mountains.  Probably the most spectacular falls we ever saw was Multnomah Falls in Oregon, just south of the Columbia River that separates Washington State and Oregon.  Those pictures are eluding us at this point.

Originally, we were planning on highlighting waterfalls that we have visited.  This project, however, has taken on a mind of its own.  After quite a bit of research we have discovered that there is not a lot of information, either on the web or in written form, specifically on waterfalls in Northern New York.  After hiking in to several of these falls, the decision was made to construct a website,,  for this purpose.  


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